Open Letter to the residents of LaValle:

On Saturday, December 14, La Valle came together to hold the Annual Santa Visit at the LaValle Public Library.

This event has been...

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Join the LaValle Public Library FRIENDS group.

The library board takes care of all library business but the FRIENDS is an auxiliary group that supports the library and helps in many ways...

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support the LaValle Library,

Come on out!

All ages!

Join us at the LaValle Public Library

June 8th, 9-1

Summer is almost here!! We want to celebrate the incredible efforts of our community. Join us!... Read more

LaValle Library Board Meeting tonight at 6:30.

Join in and find out how to help keep our library strong and active.

Just look at the stack of books that are being processed to add to the Children’s Book Collection! We are SO THANKFUL for the many generous people that support this small library. Stop in! Visit!...

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Cara Sue Achterberg

Another Good Dog

Copyright 2018

Storyline: One Family and Fifty Foster Dogs


In 2015 Cara opened her Pennsylvania farm to Operation Paws for...

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The new LaValle Library is wonderful. 

Here are just a few of the new "Play Spaces".

New Pictures...

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