The 2018 LaValle Flood - Moving Forward with the Library-part 3

Thank you everyone who is following the unfolding saga of the rebuilding of the LaValle Public Library.

At this time, donations of books are on hold until we have the library ready to catalog.


A "GoFundMe" page has been built at with some of the photos.

A "PayPal" page is being put into place to make the donation process easier. Checks are still being accepted at PO Box 7, LaValle WI 53941.

As for the Building:

The village clerk has move back into her office in the Village building.

The carpeting, painting, carpentry and electrical has been done. The shelves have been moved from the Hartje Storage building and are being assembled in the new configuration.

The hunt for the new director is progressing well. An announcement will be made soon!


The computers are with South Central Library System's IT staff, where they are being checked over. The SCLS staff will store them until we have the tables, desks, etc needed to reinstall them at the new space.

When we start the reconstruction process at the recovered space, many volunteers will be needed. If you would like to be contacted with the work dates for volunteering, please email lavallelibrary [at]

Again, thank you for your concern, donations and interest in the recovery of the LaValle Public Library.