Proctoring can be done at the Library by setting up an appointment with the Library Director.  Please see our Proctoring Policy:

LaValle Public Library Proctoring Policy

Distance learning and correspondence courses are a popular way for individuals to complete continuing or advanced education locally and in a cost-effective manner.  The LaValle Public Library supports continuing education efforts by cooperating with educational institutions and local students to provide exam proctoring services in the Library.

  1. Exam appointments will be scheduled with the Director, a minimum of 72 hours prior to the exam.  Due to variations in scheduling and library hours, other library staff members may be appointed to supervise the exam.  All proctoring services are subject to the availability of authorized staff and library equipment.
  2. Library staff will meet the testing institution’s requirements whenever possible.  Direct supervision will not be provided.
  3. The Library cannot proctor online exams that require the installation of special software or the modification of existing computer settings.
  4. Tests may be received through U.S. mail, email, fax or other delivery services.  Tests may be returned via U.S. mail or fax at the expense of the student or the institution.  The student or the institution must provide a prepaid envelope addressed to the institution.  If faxing is required, posted fax charges apply.  The Library will not keep copies of test materials.
  5. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that the Library has received test and/or necessary log-on information in advance of the examination.
  6. Students should arrive for testing as scheduled and notify the Library if unable to keep a scheduled appointment.