Online Resources

E-books & Audiobooks

It's your entire library catalog, right in your pocket! Thousands of e-books, videos, and music to download right on the web with computers or mobile devices.

This is the same as Overdrive, but made sleek and easy to use as an app on mobile devices.

Databases & Research

Online Information Resources
Compiled resources through the SCLS system. Archived newspapers, encyclopedias, tutorials, geneaology, books and authors. 

From personal interest to educational research, BadgerLink provides Wisconsin residents with licensed trustworthy content not available from free search engines.

Reference Resources
Library of Congress compilation of resources.

Ancestry Library 
Genealogy information, including census data, passenger lists, and more.

Literature Resource Center
Information about authors and their works.

Novelist Plus
Book reviews, annotations, etc., for over 250,000 fiction and nonfiction titles.

Let us help you find new reads based on the ones you already like.

Access materials outside of our library system. Made possible by the South Central Library System. Items available via WorldCat may be requested for you by a librarian. If you do not find what you are looking for through WorldCat ask us anyway - we may still be able to find it for you!


For any assistance with navigating these websites or downloading the e-books and transfering them onto your e-readers, please give us a call at 608-985-7323 during our open hours, and we can walk you through the steps over the phone.