Photography for Kids!

Hey!  Welcome to the photography page.  Below, you will find some of the things we have talked about, and some new information.  Have fun!

Rule of Thirds:


The Golden Ratio:


How Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO work:


A little more about ISO - a low ISO makes a clearer picture that needs lots of light (sunshine), a high ISO makes a grainer picture but works in lower light (indoors or dark).


Here are some videos - as always, ignore the advertisements!

Shutter, Aperture and ISO - this video explains how it works

ISO - Understand it in 39 seconds!

10 Tips - a video on photo tips

Composition - Some tips to help with your composition

TED Talks - are short videos on many topics.  This one includes beautiful photos of the Everglades in Florida 

Weather - a short TED Talk by a storm chasing photographer!

Other Ideas:  Go to Google Images and search for "line photography" or "light photography" or "macro photography" - look at these photos critically - do they follow the rule of thirds?  The golden ratio?  Pick out a couple to share with us.